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wherein Lee Donghae becomes Mike Wazowski



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  • only SJ: ordering chicken during live radio show.
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“When we just debuted in a concert with other groups, we saw there were some sapphire blue colors, between all the other colors of all the other fandoms. Day by day, the sapphire blue color kept growing, getting bigger and bigger. We realized that the sapphire blue color is the source of our spirit, happiness, and our strength. As we know from legend, ELF is a beautiful creature like a fairy. They’re beautiful and always give happiness like how they spell it. Because I realized those creatures that we see now, that always make a sapphire blue ocean that is the most beautiful thing, are like ELF in the legend. They’re also beautiful, always happiness to us, always protecting us. So i named them, ELF. Now those creatures are so many and make big sapphire blue oceans which is so beautiful, the most beautiful thing. Even though we don’t know all of them, but we know they’re always there where ever we go, and I love them all. Those creatures are ELF, our everlasting friends.”


8 Years To Forever♥


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If Super Junior were highschool teachers

  • Leeteuk: The amazing principal that everyone loves
  • Heechul: The sassy English teacher who is more beautiful than any of his students and has a few male students crushing on him
  • Hangeng: The Chinese teacher who pretends he doesn't understand what his students are saying
  • Yesung: The weird biology teacher who keeps his bug collection in his office and spends the entire class talking about his pet turtle
  • Kangin: The weightlifting coach who makes fun of all his students
  • Shindong: The hilarious Math teacher who comes into class every day prepared with a new gag
  • Sungmin: The cute Martial Arts teacher who looks like a student himself
  • Eunhyuk: The sexy dance coach that all the girls want
  • Zhou Mi: The extremely classy Econ Teacher who spends his entire class teaching about the fashion industry
  • Donghae: The childish soccer coach who spends most of his time with the dance coach
  • Siwon: The hot History teacher who always talks about Christianity but never keeps his shirt on
  • Ryeowook: The adorable Cooking teacher who has giraffes all around his room and an endless collection of hats
  • Kibum: The serious Drama teacher who always calls in a sub
  • Kyuhyun: The Computer Tech teacher who spends most of class teaching Star Craft
  • Henry: The multi talented orchestra director who shows off on every instrument


MC: Henry, if we gave you one chance to tell the fans what you look forward to, what would you say?


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GDA awards, Oppa Oppa CD, Donghae and his father …

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Sexy, Free & Single’s promotion: We fail, we lose, to win.

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We have many members, there are many times where we are apart, but I hope we can cherish the times we spend together. Even if there’s only a minute. Even if we are so busy that we are unable to meet. I still hope the members can enjoy the happy times together and comfort each other during hard times. - Kim Heechul

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kyuhyun please ಠ~ಠ

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